Landscaping Services

What we do

Our close-knit team of landscaping professionals will take care of your needs, from landscape design through to implementation and even on-going garden maintenance.

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pair of eyes to enhance a space that may currently be underutilized. Craig has an exceptional eye for detail
when it comes to planting plans and inspiring garden designs and goes over and above to bring these designs to life.
We provide the following landscaping services:

Soft landscaping

Whether you’re after planting, mulching or roll-out instant lawns, Craig has an expert understanding of plants and how to make them thrive.

Hard landscaping

Our Tauranga landscaping team specialises in constructing a wide range of hard structures including decks, boardwalks, retaining walls (timber & masonry), pergolas, fencing, pools, concreting and paving.

Garden Maintenance

If you’re not the green finger type and need some help keeping on top of your garden (either a one-off or on a regular basis), we’ve got your back. We don’t just design and build stunning landscapes in Tauranga, we can also manage the ongoing maintenance to ensure your garden stays in tip-top shape.

Landscape Design

The Mr Jones Landscaping team believes that landscape design, whether it involves a small garden or state of the art pool, should not only look beautiful and complement the rest of the home but also be functional. After all, your home is for living!